DPM Suite


DPM.Net & DPM Classic

The back office is the engine which supports the seamless operation of all the DPM modules. Some of the features are optional but represent great value for customers with ambitious expansion plans.
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* HMRC submissions includes the following…

  • P46 Joiners
  • P45 Joiners
  • P45 Leavers
  • Year End wizard including print previews giving the end user the ability to perform a final sanity check before your submission to HMRC. Print preview¬†includes I. P14. II. P60.
  • HMRC Inbox.
  • Receipt received (IRMark) from the HMRC are electronically stored against the submission.
  • Direct to Gov: test mode. Gives the ability to have your submissions checked by HMRC.
  • Multiple companies are supported for HMRC submissions.